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The Classic Bellini

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Harry's Bellini

Harry's Bellini

(Originally created sometime in the 1930s by Giuseppi Cipriani in Venice)

Nothing could be simpler or more exotic than the original Bellini, named after the 15th Century Venetian painter, Giovanni Bellini. Start with a good Italian Prosecco. Add the puree of ripe white peaches. The perfect Bellini requires exquisitely chilled Prosecco and equally icy white peach puree. Even the glasses should sit in the freezer for at least an hour before making the cocktail.

The original recipe insists that only white peaches will do for an authentic Bellini, grated and not blended in a food processor, which will aerate the fruit.

The original recipe also states emphatically that one should never use yellow peaches to make a Bellini, but I’m sorry. I live in Maine. White peaches almost never make an appearance at my local grocery store

I’m perfectly happy to use peach nectar, which can be found in most grocery stores, to create my at-home Bellinis. But please don’t tell anyone at Harrys. They may not let me back in.


A Perfect Bellini


·      1 part frozen white peach puree

·      3 parts chilled Italian Prosecco


·      Chill all ingredients – and glasses – within an inch of their lives.

·      Combine and enjoy.