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Unzipping: Tito's Greyhound

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I headed to Las Vegas, Nevada. I'd been looking forward to The Bloggers at Midlife Conference, put on by the brilliant minds at Midlife Boulevard for almost a year. Early the first day, I made a beeline to introduce myself to two of the chicest women in a room full of stylish, sassy bloggers. Audrey Stefanik and Thea Wood of She Spark, who connect mid-life women with emerging ideas, experts, products and services for their style, beauty, and wellness needs, have become my target. I am hunting them down because they are at the conference representing Tito's Handmade Vodka and I want to know more.

I was introduced to Tito's by my brother-in-law, who feels about Tito's the way some people feel about a beloved pet or a cherished car. It occupies a special place in his heart that can be filled by no other beverage. He stockpiles it as if anticipating a natural disaster or a world with no Tito's. 

After one sip I began to understand his obsession. Tito's has a distinctive, clean taste that evokes its Austin, Texas birthplace. It's quirky and bold and practically guarantees a good time. So of course I wanted to talk Tito's with the She Sparks girls. 

Here's what I learned. Tito Beveridge - yup, that's his real name - a former geophysicist/water geologist/mortgage broker - decided sometime in the 1990s that he was going to take his hobby of making flavored vodkas to the next level and become a true vodka maven. There was trial. There was error. There were maxed out credit cards and flying done strictly by the seat of his pants. And there was faith, faith the he could make the best damn vodka in the country. Here's a Tito-ism for you: "I figured that if I could make a vodka so smooth, a woman would drink it straight, I'd really have something." And he did.

So today we greet the weekend with a Tito's Greyhound, unzipping with this distinctive, smooth, sophisticated vodka that is seriously good, but still retains its "Keep Austin Weird" roots. #cheers #clink #weekend

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