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A Carpet Picnic for Dipstock

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Cheddar Cheesy Chili Dip

Tonight a few of my friends are gathering at my house to celebrate Spring Dipstock. This brilliantly delicious holiday is the invention of my online friend, Sara Lancaster, known to her followers on Twitter and Facebook as The Saucy Dipper.

There's not much to say about this delightful occasion except that a celebration of dip could never be a bad thing, could it? And the combination of friends, ultra-casual dining and a hot, spicy, cheesy accompaniment to crunchy chips and crisp veggies....well, it's just a win/win/win situation.

Since we're all meeting after a busy day, I wanted to make something quick, easy and filling. Tonight the appetizer and entree will be one and the same. I had a small container of my famous Kitchen-Sink Chili in the freezer -- chicken, beef tips, ground beef, sausage -- it all goes into my giant pot and gets portioned out and frozen for occasions just like these. If you don't have homemade, a can of store bought chili will do just fine.


I had about a cup and a half of chili which I heated to a simmer. I added two cups of shredded Cabot 50% Reduced Fat Cheddar, a little at a time, until it was melted into the chili. Next came a tablespoon of chopped green chilies, a quarter cup of salsa, and a healthy dollop of Cabot Sour Cream. Since I had a ripe avocado, I garnished my dip with thin slices for color and a cool creaminess.


Tonight we'll be dipping with stalks of crisp, spring green celery and my favorite multi-grain chips from Food Should Taste Good.

The truth is, this like many of my recipes, is all about the "ish." I rely on what's at hand and wing it from there; all measurements are deeply approximate.

I'm spreading a quilt out on the floor, bringing out a big pitcher of sangria, and we're going to have a saucy spring picnic in honor of Dipstock!