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Easy Cheesy (Please No Peasy) Shepherd's Pie

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I have a shameful confession. I hate peas. No. Really. I hate them. Was I frightened by a pea as a child? Did peas steal my lunch money in grade school? Did I have a bad pea dating experience? It's a mystery, but I have never, ever liked peas. This from a person who never really understood the concept of a "picky eater." My grammy knew of my pea antipathy and indulged my vegetable peculiarty. Her renown Shepherd's Pie recipe included peas and lots of them, unless I was visiting. Then it became magically and deliciously pea-free. Her Shepherd's Pie was comfort food that to this day, can make a bad day better and turn a frown upside down. It's a delightfully homespun preparation that takes me back to an easier time. And now it is one of my family's favorites too.



The magic of Shepherd's Pie is the marriage of fragrant meat, mixed with veggies (really, any veggies) and topped with a fluffy cloud of mashed potatoes. I found that incorporating cheddar cheese into the spuds as you mash them, takes this dish from heavenly to downright divine.

So if, like most people, you are a fan of the pea, you should definitely include them in your dish. It's true, just about any veggies work well, so go crazy and throw them in.

Follow the link below for the recipe.

Easy Cheesy (Please No Peasy) Shepherd's Pie