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The Danforth Gourmet Brunch Tweetup

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thedanforthThe Danforth

My friend Kim Swan is a force of nature. The term multipreneur might have been coined to describe her business life, which she lives at full throttle. Some women collect shoes or designer handbags. Kim collects businesses. The roster of her current endeavors include The Cygnet Art Gallery in Portland, Maine, Pomegranate Parties, an event planning company, and Maineville Music, a country music publishing house.  In addition to all that, Kim's day job is as owner and operator of the Swan Agency, a Bar Harbor-based real estate business with a niche marketing division that specializes in selling inns and B&Bs.

Oh, and did I mention that Kim owns several inns herself? Her most recent acquisition is The Danforth, a historic property on Portland's west end. Though it has been catering to guests for over 100 years, Kim completely refurbished the Danforth, creating a boutique hotel that combines 19th century charm with 21st century sophistication.

Leveraging the Power of Social Media

The success of Kim's many endeavors is due not only to her keen instincts but also her creative use of technology. In marketing the Danforth, she is using the power of social media to spread the word about the inn and its allure on Linkedin, on Facebook, and most recently on Twitter. The result is the upcoming Danforth Gourmet Brunch Tweetup.

For those of you not yet on Twitter (and believe me, it's only a matter of time), a Tweetup is an IRL (in real life) gathering of people who network on Twitter. A group of about 30 social media devotees, Tweeps from around New England, will gather next Sunday at the Danforth for an epicurean brunch in a setting of luxurious elegance.

While Kim's skills are varied and prodigious, she would be the first to admit they do not extend to the kitchen. For the brunch Tweetup she has wisely enlisted the help of three enthusiastic foodie friends, all of whom are also involved in social media, to cater to the Twitter crowd. In the interest of full disclosure, I am one of Kim's culinary chosen. Following is the proposed brunch menu, created and photographed by former B&B owner turned real estate wiz and food blogger Dana Moos.

The Danforth Gourmet Brunch Tweetup Menu

First Course: --Pumpkin streusel coffee cake --Papaya, mango and strawberries with lemon and basil eggroulade Main Course: --Egg roulade filled with leeks and parmesan --Potatoes gratin Dauphinois with Cabot Private Stock Cheddar --Blue cheese stuffed Medjool dates wrapped in bacon --Steamed chilled asparagus with curry aioli

asparagusdanforth Dessert: --Grapefruit Brulee --Chocolate truffles

In the coming days, I will post recipes for some of the Danforth Gourmet Brunch Tweetup offerings. Stay tuned...