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The Glee of Wii

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Wii Fit-My New Favorite At-Home Workout

wiifitlogo2I came relatively late to physical fitness, spending my school years avoiding anything remotely associated with exercise. My twenties and early thirties passed in a blur of hard work and harder play, and eventually child rearing, with only the occasional game of  tennis or swim in the ocean to remind me that I was, in fact, a physical being.

All that changed in my 38th year, when for reasons still unknown to me, I donned my pink Reebok aerobic shoes, sweatpants, and an oversized T-shirt and went for a run.

On that day a runner was born.

Many years and hundreds of road races later, I am still a runner, though certainly not the runner I once was. Running has become one of many ways I stay in shape. On any given day you can find me walking or rowing or working out with a Yoga DVD. I have to admit that nothing has captured my imagination or my heart quite like a good run, but recently a new workout has me completely excited and delighted.

Wii Fit - This Ain't Your Father's Workout. Wait...Maybe It Is!

Forget the image of the typical pasty-faced video gamer who doesn't move from his perch on the couch. The Wii Fit phenomenon has a multi-generational appeal. It is even being used in nursing homes and rehab centers. The beauty of the system is that a workout or a game can be as gentle or as strenuous as each player chooses. Wii Fit comes complete with an electronic trainer - your choice of male or female - who works with you, encouraging, correcting and cajoling you through each exercise.

I admit it, when it comes to Wii Fit I am definitely a late adopter, but that seems to be a theme in my fitness life. In my case it really was better late than never. The Wii Fit workout meets many of my fitness needs - it's fun, super convenient, and keeps exercise boredom at bay. There are days, especially in the winter, when exercising at home means the difference between actually doing the workout and skipping it altogether.

As is often the case in my technological life it took the encouragement of my son and go-to I.T. guy to finally appreciate how truly fabulous the Wii Fit is for meeting my exercise needs. This electronic marvel was a Christmas gift...last year. It sat dormant and alone for over 10 months before Tim finally dragged it out and forced me to get my Wii workout on.

Name Your Workout

There is so much that can be done with a Wii. You can work on cardio fitness, balance, or flexibility. You can do plyometrics or strength training, boxing or speed skating. The possibilities are, if not endless, then a veritable smorgasbord of workout choices. My first Wii week was spent exploring my options. Here I am doing one of the basic Yoga poses. The movement- and weight-sensitive balance board lets the electronic trainer know how you're doing the pose. The trainer offers corrections to your form until you get the pose right.

I am still very much a Wii Fit novice, but I can tell that my introduction arrived just in time. Tonight they're predicting the first real snow of the season and tomorrow, with a day's work in front of me, I'm thrilled that I won't have to get to the gym. I'll just head on down to the basement and Wii with glee.