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The Year of Keeping It Small

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In a reliable placeKeeping It Small

In retrospect 2009 was a big year. It was a year of monumental change, a year of huge upheaval, and for many it was a year of epic failure. If the New Years day exchanges I saw on Twitter and Facebook were any indication, 2009 was a year many of us are happy to be looking at in our rear view mirrors.

I'm tired of big, of extravagant, of outsized. This year I want small - small problems, little triumphs, mini successes, diminutive failures. I feel like small is all I can handle for the next 12 months.

And so, to this end, I am entering The Year of Keeping It Small. I will tackle the little problems early, in the hopes that they won't grow, like the dust bunnies under my guest bed, into larger, more unmanageable situations. For instance, I plan to make small, healthy modifications to my eating habits rather than sweeping changes that might fall by the wayside in days, choosing raspberries not Ben & Jerry's for dessert or substituting green tea for diet soda as an afternoon pick-me-up.

My resolution solution this year, keeping things small, will be to make 12 small resolutions instead of one big one. Each month, I'll pick some reasonable goal that can be achieved in 31 days or less. Sounds doable, right?

Hand holding Broom - Chore or housework themeClean Sweep

So here we are, six days into January. My first resolution will be to tie up loose ends. I'm going to make those calls I've been putting off, schedule overdue doctor's appointments, call a couple of friends I've neglected. January will be the Month of the Clean Sweep.

heart of the nightHeartfelt Change

In February, I'll let you know how I did. And tell you about the Month of Heartfelt Change.