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The fabulous and inimitable Miss Kitty Bradshaw decided to celebrate the second anniversary of her blog by inviting 200 or so of her closest, and coolest, social media friends to a party. So when the invitation came, I could hardly say no. I hopped on a plane trailing my New York finery and prepared to be wildly entertained.

And, as usual, I was not disappointed. I arrived early...much earlier than our hostess so I could take a few pictures and check out the venue. The party was in the Fashion District at the gorgeous Apart Showroom which was spare and sleek, all brick and shiny surfaces. Samples of their fall line were on mannequins and lovely models around the room.


Melissa Diner, a sales executive at Apart, and her inanimate friends wearing pieces from Apart's fall line.


Some people had more fun than others at the party.

I discovered that all the proceeds from the party were going to benefit the Lower Eastside Service Center, whose motto is "Helping Recovery Become Reality." Peter Santoro, Director of Development for LESC and I discussed the many benefits of using social media to help raise the profile and efficacy of non-profits.


Valerie Walters, VP of Human Resources at LESC, & Stephanie Cipriani of LESC's Angel Street Thrift Shop

One of the first bloggers I ran into was the utterly adorable and multi-talented Stevie, who in addition to writing his blog,, is an event host and web personality and designer at Equali-Tee designed the official NYC Pride 2010 T-Shirt!



At no time during the evening could you miss that this was a social media party. There was texting and Tweeting and blogging and gowallaing and foursquaring and, well, you get the picture. If not, I got the pictures for you...


Texting and...


Tweeting and...


Blogging and...


Foursquaring and...


Well, you get the picture.

Kitty, who knows how to make an entrance, arrived fashionably late, but looking stunning in a lemon yellow fitted dress and bright red stilettos. I suspect the amazing footwear was from one of the event sponsors, Nina shoes. Nina had an incredible display of their fall line and a few select pieces from the Spring 2011 collection.


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...Miss Kitty Bradshaw!


Such beautiful shoes courtesy of NINA.

The food and drink sponsors, including my own Cabot Creamery, added to the evening's festive spirit. Cabot supplied plenty of Kitty's favorite Horseradish Cheddar as well as other cheddars for sampling. Tonnie's Mini's provided the world's most delicious tiny cupcakes, perfect little bite-sized puffs of awesomeness. And Smirnoff Vodka made sure there were signature cocktails for a grateful crowd.


Cabot Horseradish Cheddar & Smirnoff signature cocktails, yummmmm!


And for a sweet, a Red Velvet mini cupcake that would make you weep.

Let me just tell you, there were a lot of beautiful bloggers and media glitterati at the party. You couldn't point and shoot without getting a picture of someone cool...or hot!


Producer Hassan Heyward and Broadcast Journalist Meagan Williams


Patrice Williams (wearing Apart) who writes the blog Living Fly on a Dime


Terrell Blair of


A bevy of beautiful bloggers.

In the end, it was a joyous evening that benefitted a great cause, celebrated a much loved on-line celebrity and helped promote the social media ethos. I look forward to seeing the work of the many great bloggers I met and reconnected with.

And I can't wait for the next Kitty Bradshaw extravaganza!